©Copyrights 2018 Vape Pods

©Copyrights 2018 Vape Pods

Top 4 Flavors for STIG Pods​


STIG disposable pod is the latest introduction to the vaping world. It introduces the cutting edge technology in the vaping industry. If you are associated with the vaping community, you should know that STIG is the latest and the best alternative to smoking, especially for the heavy smokers.


If you are a heavy smoker and want to quit smoking without facing the challenges of the withdrawal symptoms, STIG can be the best option for you. The variety of e-liquid flavors of STIG disposable pods make your vaping experience even more enjoyable.


A single STIG disposable pod includes 1.2ml SaltNic e-liquid with 6% nicotine density that gives you the feeling of smoking 20 cigarettes.


There are three STIG pods in a single box and when you buy a box, you get three disposable pods with three different e-liquid flavors. You can customize your flavors depending on your preferences. There are a number of flavors available. If you are confused about what flavors to choose for the first time to experience the best of it, this content is for you.


Here, in this content, I have shortlisted the top four e-liquid flavors depending on my preferences. You can try them.


Top 4


Tropical Mango:


Tropical Mango by SaltNic also gives you an amazing freshness with a hint of zing in every puff by providing a refreshing fruity flavor and the 6% nicotine strength satisfy your nicotine cravings all day long.


Top 3


VGOD Cubano:


Cubano by VGOD is a blend of Cubano cigar and creamy vanilla that provides a fresh and rich Cuban tobacco flavor. This is perfect for you if you want the same feeling of smoking a cigarette. The tobacco flavor gives you the same feeling.


Top 2


Mighty mint:


SaltNic Mighty Mint is a refreshing cool mint. It is just perfect for you if want a whole day refreshing vaping experience. The perfect amount of menthol gives you an amazing vaping experience. You can try this flavor to enjoy the difference.


The Top


VGOD LushIce:


This flavor would give you a delicious burst of fresh watermelon in every vape. Whenever you inhale it, the sweet undertones of mixed melons and smooth menthol would give you an amazing satisfaction. The smooth and fruity flavors would give you an all day vaping experience. The 6% nicotine density would meet your nicotine rush instant.


You can order any three of the above-discussed flavors to satisfy your nicotine rush as well as to enjoy a refreshing day.

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